Chad Cose

Chad Cose   Number 49IMG_5319  AFT Twins
Hometown: Fremont, CA
First bike: Yamaha PW50
First race: Lodi Cycle Bowl 1998
Turned pro: 2009
Current bikes: Kawasaki 650 (twin) Honda 450 (single)
Tuner: Norman Cose
Sponsors: C.R.C. Racing, Reynolds Bros., Arlen ness, Bell, Oneal, Amped Apparel, Motion Pro, Top Oil, Utopia, A&A Racing, Saddleman, American Supercamp, Lightshoe , Derek Reynolds, Ritchie Reynolds, Jerry Kennedy, Spider Grips, Morris racing, Turtle Master Racing
Favorite track: Springfield TT
Best Day at the races: when you walk away in one peice
Favorite thing about racing: the gratification of hardwork paying off and the competition
Least favorite thing about racing: getting the budget to go racing and bike set up
What things would you like to see improved in AMA Pro Flattrack: more exposure and outside industry sponsors because we have the best racing in all of motorsports
what non racing things do you like to do: play any sports, trail ride, train, spend time with family, spend time with my girlfriend.