Ben Lowe

Ben Lowe    Number 20  AFT SinglesIMG_8891

Hometown: Holly, MI

Turned pro: 2013

First race: Polka Dots short track 2007

Current race bikes: 2007 and 2008 Honda CRF450

Tuner: Tom Lowe

Sponsors: Bars Leaks, Lowelife Performance, Bruce Lowe Excavating

Favorite track: Daytona Short Track, Polka Dots, Marion, OH

Best Day: Winning Daytona as a amateur in the 450 mod

Favorite thing about racing: All the great people and the atmosphere at the track. Traveling and getting to race with the best people in the country is cool too.

Least favorite thing: Injuries and tough days at the track.

What I would like to improve in flattrack: I would like to see more people know about it and do it, and bigger payouts at the pro races would be cool. Some people do so much and get paid so little.

Non-racing things: Biking, Hunting, Fishing, School