Barry Benkert Jr.

Name: Barry Benkert Jr.
Age: 29
Home town: Cincinnati, OH.
 First bike: 1970 Honda Z50a
First race: Lawrenceburg Motorcycle Speedway when I was about 5 but didnt like it. Started racing again when I was about 13,14.
Turned Pro: 2010 Current race bike(s): 2003 & 2011 Honda Crf450r
Tuner: John Ellis
Sponsors: Ellis Racing, Western Hills Honda-Yamaha, Double Dick Bandits, DecalWorks
 Favorite track: Lawrenceburg Motorcycle Speedway, its hard just say one though I pretty much like them all
Best day at the races was: I have had so many, probably one that stands out the most was this year 2012 after coming back from shoulder surgery winning all my heats and main the second round at the Burg.
 Favorite thing about racing: Everything, from the smell of the race gas, leading a race, to cleaning and working on the bikes.
 Least favorite thing about racing: That I cant race year round.
What would you like to see improved in Pro flat track: Would like to see the racers get paid more since they are the ones putting on the show.
What non racing things do you like to do: I like long walks on the beach, Yoga, and Bodybuilding.
Any other thoughts: No thanks I try not to it hurts.